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Many Russians who have dachas try to spend at dacha their free time.

Dacha is a seasonal or year-round country house. For some people it is like to have second home. Whether it is a small house or huge luxurious cottage dachas are often located out of the city in one or two hours of ride.  People who enjoy dachas most of all and are truly fans of dachas are called Dachniks. For them it is obligatory to live dacha as soon as possible every time they have one or two free days. 

Dachas run through our history. In 19th century Russian Tsars gave territories for residences to their nobility and upper class Russians. At the end of 20th century 30% of Russian families living in big towns and mega polices had dachas.

Since Soviet epoch dachas are located in colonies. At those times people received  from government small, alike 600 -800 square meters territories, where they built their summer and weekend homes. Today every Russian or foreigner who has money can buy Dacha in Russia. We have no governmental restrictions for such kind of estate bargain.

Since epoch Russians like to grow themselves fruits and vegetables at their country territories. Some people do it for fun or pleasure, like a hobby. Others are very serious in growing - they sell their harvest on markets or care them for winter to stay self-sufficient. 

In Russia there are also gosdachas territories that Russian government give to top governmental officials in such districts as  in Komarovo, Peredelkino, Zhukovka, Barvikha and other directions. The President of Russia has official dacha residences in Novo-Ogaryovo,  Zavidovo, in Sochi city.

Wealthy Russians today prefer to build or to buy 2-5 floors dachas -residences to accentuate their status. Some of them prefer to move there and live for the whole year.


If you want to buy or rent da4a, the best and the most respectful areas are: Rublevskoe shosse, Novorizhskoe shosse, Kalujskoe shosse. Distance from Moscow 25 km – max. You can also address this demand to our head company Diplomat Service. Living in Moscow as native citizens and more than once coming across cases of real estate transactions for our clients we do know what owners, lawyers and brokers we can trust.  Besides we also have our own offers with a variety of prices, locations, and sizes to choose from. 

Country life in Russia

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